let's design for the world we want, not the world we see


“According to Fuller, the Comprehensive Designer would not be another specialist, but would instead stand outside the halls of industry and science, processing the information they produced, observing the technologies they developed, and translating both into tools for human happiness. Unlike a specialist, the Comprehensive Designer would be aware of the system’s need for balance and the current deployment of its resources.”

Buckminster Fuller, Ideas and Integrities. 1963

During my time as a graduate student in the Design Master program at Listaháskóli Islands (Iceland Academy of the Arts), I was introduced to the concept of Meta Design. Inspired by John Wood's relational model, I learnt that human-centered design and empathy is the gateway to reaching our highest human potential. These ideas now define and are present in every project I do.

The tools used in my work are mostly graphic design, video, and photography. The main purpose behind them is to work collectively across borders designing for change. 

Leiry Seron